Issue 84 Central OZ




An issue that starts off explaining just how big our interior is…

So spacious that a Japanese cult was able to set off nuclear explosions on a farm without anyone knowing! And that was in the 1990s.

It’s the biggest playground on the planet, and for most of us that means driving and exploring our remotest paths (and, ah, not making any bombs).

Our top photogs Carlisle Rogers and Sean Scott take us on two very different trips through the Red Centre; Carlisle focusing on what lurks in the shadows of those big red rocks; while Sean delivers an adventurous highlights package direct from the MacDonnell Ranges. 

We also include a Mac Ranges touring guide, then set the co-ordinates westward for a vehicle-breaking trip down the gnarly Canning Stock Route.

Yep, it’s the world’s biggest sandpit, and us big kids need to play.


  • Catch and cook calamari
  • Portable power roundup
  • Offroad-friendly alternators

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