Issue 91 The Four Winds



A life chasing the points of the compass is a life well spent.

We are all drawn to the source of the winds, the smoky north, the limestone south, the bosom of the east and the blood red west.

Carlisle opens up this issue with a photo essay on the cardinal extremities of Australia.

Sean Scott heads west to Cape Arid, we explore five of tropical Queensland’s verdant regions, we seek the source of the Hunter River back east and explore the cool Gippsland in the south. 

Speaking of wind, we’ve brought together the best air compressors in the country this issue. And Pat Williams delivers the gospel on Queenfish fishing techniques. 

Here’s to blowing down the road...


  • Manual hubs explained
  • A killer 79 gets the open road shakedown
  • Better 12V management for tourers

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