Issue 90 The Edge




Sometimes even weekend getaways can get ho-hum if you don’t keep things interesting. Rather than going through the motions we thought we’d touch on the very reasons that drive us away from the ‘burbs in the first place.

Issue 90 is a celebration of the fringe, of dust, of danger, of risk and reward and the tightrope between.

We kick off the issue with a dedication to the ultimate crazed fringe-dweller, Robert Bogucki ,who went missing in the Pilbara for 40 days and 40 nights, armed with nothing but a bicycle and a bible.

The issue then dives deep on a shark fishing foray, followed by a trip through Victoria with a snake catcher, before we go a-fossicking for gold nuggets in some very tricky terrain.

On the lush travel front, one of Australia’s most famous photogs jumps a light plane to shoot the wild Kimberley delta, Sean Scott drives the nether regions of Shark Bay, and bossman Carlisle Rogers crosses the country in a four day fever dream.

Not your usual 4WD magazine.


  • Essential tent and canvas roundup
  • Towns that shaped the outback
  • Bridgestone Duelers get a forensic testing

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