Issue 82 The Cape




 An issue that’s all about mud. The cloying, bogging kind, and the free and slippery kind…

 The theme takes us on a dream trip through Borneo, and on the editor’s recent nightmare trip with a northern mosquito illness… but these are only deviations, because when it comes to driving through mud, it’s all The Cape.

 Across a series of features we take you right to the actions, a sideways trip across the deep north from the Barrier Reef to the Gulf, a gritty couples’ trip up the OTT, and a wild photo expose on the ultimate Cape York challenge.

 There’s actually an end goal for each Cape trip too. All the chocolate mud, river dunkings, and kidney-twisting corrugations will eventually lead you to a Valhalla of golden sand, verdant palms and aquamarine water. Where, after a week or two in a hammock you’ll be ready to do it all again on the trip back home.


  • Camper Trailer buyers guide
  • 4WDers unite for farmers
  • Beach fishing’s holy grail!

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