Issue 78 Summer Escapes



 Summer gets a rough deal whenever the great poets write about seasons, it doesn’t have the heavy truth of winter, the death of autumn, or the rebirth of spring.

 Why? Because summer is about living life, at its peak, in the moment. Even dour writers are too busy to mope about when they could be out chasing a partner, or using the longer hours to chase a track and a dream on the spur of the moment.

 Summer is reflected better in songs than in poems, because they get you moving. The other great summer artistic medium is with photography, and that’s why we’ve put together pictorials of 20 of the most picturesque getaways for you and your kin to get moving over the break. Enjoy it while you can.



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  • Warm currents equal large pelagic fish
  • The easy way to monitor your battery

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