Issue 73 Central Queensland


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It’s a funny stretch of coastline this one, it sits halfway between the sand islands of the south, and the coral islands of the north. It’s both and neither.

It’s a land that’s always shape shifting, with beaches and estuaries spitting up new sandbars with every tide, and it’s the most undervalued 4WDing zone in the country.

We recently embarked on a series of trips to the very heart of Central Queensland, from the clear creeks north of Yeppoon, to the salty trails of Gladstone, to the barra-rich Fitzroy, to Fraser Island, and inland to Carnarvon Gorge, where tropical rainfall makes the long journey south, eventually ending up in the Great Australian Bight.


  • UFO hotspots of the outback
  • The Lake Monduran barramundi pen
  • Alpine diesel explained
  • Building the essential fishing kit

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