Issue 72 The Big Lap


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They call it ‘Cosmonaut Syndrome’ – that come-down when you’ve experienced so much stimuli, that it becomes very difficult to function in society thereafter.

 It’s a term that applies to all of us who return from a Big Lap… Like, now what?

 And it’s understandable, you’ve just circumnavigated a continent. And to be honest, Cosmonaut Syndrome might just be the biggest thing to fear before you take off. Are you prepared to never be the same again?

After reading this issue, lives will be changed forever, as the images and tales therein will force the hand of those who may have been too scared to take that leap.

 This is an issue that gives you the nuts and bolts, the directions, the selections that will draw you out on the road, on one of the greatest adventures a person can make without taking off into space.


  • The best camp lighting in Australia
  • Touring the Strzelecki Track
  • Snaring Pelagics on light tackle

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