Issue 65 Summer Escapes

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This issue we went out to every state and territory to search for summer 4WDing getaways, and the results can be found here in a dozen of our favourite camping escapes…

Years ago there was a tobacco company that spent a fortune on billboards that were completely blank save for eight letters – “A change is as good as a holiday”.

I remember at the time thinking ‘what nonsense’, NOTHING is as good as a holiday (and I reckoned it unlikely that a pack of cancer sticks would even make it into the top 100 things that are as good as a holiday)

Nope, nothing is as good as a holiday. A holiday will save your life! It’s done it before and it’ll do it again. And when it comes to summer, to the pointy end of the year, the tension building up all year up like an afternoon thunderstorm, there is no better cure for everything that ails ya than loading the family truckster and hitting the road.


  • The glory of rock fishing
  • Towing products worth their weight in gold
  • A killer classic custom LandCruiser
  • Gold digging for fun and profit

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