Issue 61

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Reef and beef, cattle and cane, grit and glitz, rainforests and deserts… given the dichotomy of its famous assets, it might sound strange reciting the old tourism mantra – ‘Where else but Queensland?’

But when you consider that the scalene triangle of Queensland’s landmass is five times the size of Japan, six times the size of the UK, and three times the size of Texas, there is plenty of room to be everything for all people.

Queensland is different though, there’s a common thread that connects the people,  and the roads that connect the people, it’s where people go to holiday even when they’re at work, it’s warm and it’s unpretentious and the people are a creation of their environment.

This issue we set forth to uncover the common thread that links the byways of the Sunshine State, with epic touring adventures through The Granite Belt in the south, the Warrego in the west, and the coastal one-two punch of Fraser and Straddie in the east.


  • The low down on pet-friendly camping
  • The essential bullbar buyers guide
  • Becoming the ultimate angling all-rounder
  • Dan Proud’s epic Queensland touring gallery

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