Issue 60
The Desert Sessions

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Welcome to the very core of Australia. Yep, we’re a big red island floating on a little blue planet. Although most of the country is classified as arid, it’s kind of pointless classifying it all – we don’t define the desert, the desert defines us.
Which is why we’ve been obsessed with dedicating a whole issue to the moods the desert throws at us, to the awe it evokes in us. It’s a hellish place filled with a helluva lot life – a place that’s inhospitable and barren yet here we are, drawn into its maw, yet again and again.
We have assembled the best touring and landscape photographers in the land to share their finest images and to give us the real stories of what occurs whenever we engage low range and engage with this most Australian of environments.


  • How to rig up a lightbar
  • How to find the best camper trailer
  • How to specialise your fishing
  • How to cook up a campfire Thai feast

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