Issue 48
Island Living

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Offshore, offroad and on the path to adventure.

Although we live on one big old rock, curiosity demands we break free from our moorings and explore our sandy satellites. There’s the almost childlike buzz of the barge crossing, and then touching down on the other side, where the wheels hit the sand with the thrill of a moon-buggy landing, like a dog running on a new beach for the first time. This issue we navigate the high seas and low roads all over the continent; Moreton Island off Queensland, King Island off Tasmania, Dirk Hartog off Western Australia, and Kangaroo Island off South Australia.
It’s time to plunder our farthest most exotic corners.  


  • The Minimalist Camper
  • Roundup – Offroad storage Drawers
  • Touring Fisho – Winter on the rocks
  • Trackside tyre repair.

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