Issue 68 The Kimberley Gold Standard

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It’s here, the guesswork is done… when it comes to touring experiences, these are the best of the northwest.

Tackling the Kimberley is a once in a lifetime trip. You don’t want to go in without a plan, you don’t want to go in without trusting the best, be it your rig, your modifications, or getting the right advice and right service, without going down too many dead ends.

You don’t want to be paying for things twice when your first option turns out to be a fizzer. Otherwise the trip of a lifetime – and yes, the Kimberley is Australian 4WDing’s holy grail – can become a nightmare.

We’re also aware that every single one of us has different expectations from a Kimberley mission, so we’ve covered the full gamut.

And, for those who had no previous intentions of touring the Kimberley, the photography and stories in this issue will soon convince you otherwise.



  • The best touring tents on the market
  • The secrets to landing big, big fish
  • The Carson Track, is it even driveable?
  • The historical riddle of Australia’s first foreign visitors

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