Issue 33
The Gunbarrel Highway

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Issue 33, The Gunbarrel Highway
Spinifex dreams, spinifex nightmares…the Gunbarrel Highway is, paradoxically, one of the engineering marvels of the Australian outback, and yet one of the roughest highways in the world. From Kata Tjuta to Warburton, down the Gunbarrel, the Eagle and through the Gibson Desert to Newman, this is the true outback epic.

We embark on an equally ambitious journey from Sydney to Darwin by dirt. Read part 1 in this issue.

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  • UHF Buyers Guide
  • The great family surf trip
  • Water crossings made easy
  • Preparing your catch: the best path from sea to table
  • Keeping the batteries charged
  • Soldering on the run
  • GME TX4500 tested
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