Pre-trip Checklist

Check out our pre-trip checklist, containing a list of almost everything you need for your next adventure. Including vehicle spares, camping gear, tool box items, pre-trip tasks, personal items to pack, recovery gear, kitchen, electrical and other gear to pack into your rig.
You can also download a copy to print and check off while you're packing.
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Outback Pubs

The last great cultural movement in Australia is happening right beneath our pints.

I am not a fan of McDonalds, despite its inescapable ubiquity from one end of this country to the other, and around the world. And it’s not because I’m precious. I like  that some things don’t change when you travel. Case in point: when I am beyond the bitumen, I generally eat chicken parmigiana almost exclusively when I’m in a pub or club. It’s not that my palate is exceptionally unrefined, it is just that, when in Rome, you order pasta. When in the outback, I order parmas. You just don’t know how well a Thai prawn green curry is going to turn out in a town with more vowels than streets.

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4WD Breaks

When you want a wave of your own, a 4WD is necessary.

Since the 1960s surfers and fishermen in Australia have travelled to some pretty out of the way places to get a beach to themselves. This search for a beach of one’s own has become a deeply rooted aspect of both cultures, and 4WDs have been the means to both ends.
Two of the most famous surf beaches in Australia, Bells Beach and Noosa, were hidden away at the end of nameless dirt roads until fairly recent times.
Surf magazines would keep the lid on spots they ran photos of by mirroring or doctoring the images, such was the overarching importance of keeping a secret spot secret.
By getting a 4WD you’ve entered a brotherhood of seekers, many of whom apply this newfound freedom to a search they’ve spent half their lives on anyway, the search for empty barrels. Here are a few of the best that you need good wheels to get to.

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10 Tips for Outback Touring

Outback touring can seem daunting, but if you’re prepared, it can be a place of beauty and self discovery.

As budgies swarm in their thousands across the Mitchell grass plains of Western Queensland, and the afternoon sun lights up the brilliant greens and yellows of these quintessentially Australian birds, the heat and flies of the Outback are quickly forgotten. For most, travelling around in The Outback in the hottest part of the year is not high on the list of priorities, but heat and flies and long distance driving are part of our business as Outback photographers. With adequate preparation and safety precautions, you too can head to The Outback where, surprisingly, you will be rewarded with scenery and wildlife that the majority of Australians will never see.

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