February 12, 2015


Words: Pat Williams
Keep your cool with a portable refrigerator.

The humble esky has no place in the modern 4WD world. Once you’ve used a fridge designed with 4WDing in mind, you will never go back. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through ice water to grab the last couple of snags at the bottom of the esky thanks to portable fridges that give you the convenience and safety of always keeping your food and drinks cold. The last thing you need is for the food to go bad and your beer to go warm!
The design has been refined over the years but hasn’t really changed and for good reason – I know people who have had the same fridge for as long as 20 years. With that in mind, it’s a lot easier to make that initial investment knowing that you will have years of trouble free operation ahead.
When it comes to choosing a size there are a few things to consider but the most important is space. An 80L fridge might seem like a good idea but isn’t much use if you don’t have the room to store it. A 40L fridge is big enough for everything you need for two people on a short trip, while a 60L will do the job on an extended trip. But what it really comes down to is how many cold beers you need at any given time!


ARB’s newest line of fridge freezers was designed with the dedicated 4WDriver in mind. The range spent three years in research and development before being subjected to testing in-house and in offroad conditions. The result is a fridge freezer that can handle tough conditions and is also easy to use.
Every ARB Fridge Freezer offers optimised capacity, a high quality cooling system and clever features like hardy steel walls and recessed components to protect against damage, tough injection moulded lid and base that stand up against scratches and dents, an evaporator built into the interior cabinet for easier cleaning, and a Danfoss compressor that uses electric cooling systems for maximum cooling efficiency. User-friendly features like a lid that opens past 90 degrees (no more holding the lid while you dig around for a drink), internal LED light and drain plug are an added bonus.

The ARB Fridge Freezer is available in 35L, 47L, 60L and 78L and each unit comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty. 


ARB 35L Portable Fridge Freezer
Good things come in small packages. Perfect for short trips and small spaces, the 35L fridge freezer is compact and energy efficient. This is one of the cheapest small fridge freezers at $1049 RRP.

ARB 47L Portable Fridge Freezer
Internalising some of the mechanical components has given the old 40L version an extra 7L capacity. Now that’s what I call intelligent design! The ARB 47L Portable Fridge Freezer is $1199 RRP.

ARB 60L Portable Fridge Freezer
With its large volume and low profile (to complement roller door systems), the 60L is a convenient option for large families or longer trips. This capacity is available for $1349 RRP.

ARB 78L Portable Fridge Freezer
Big without being too bulky, the 78L can hold an impressive 120 cans – enough beer for a weekend away.
It retails for $1599.


The unique design of the EvaKool Fridge Freezer gives users the flexibility of adjusting the capacity of both components, so that the EvaKool range can function as a fridge, freezer or fridge/freezer combination. The Danfoss compressor affords silent, reliable and efficient operation and can operate on angles of up to 30 degrees.
The EvaKool fully insulated cabinet has a cooling capacity of up to 60 degrees below ambient temperature due to the 45mm thickness of the base and lid and the heat-reflecting white gloss finish. The fibreglass casing is lightweight and less susceptible to corrosion while a drainage bung and hygienic smooth walls that don’t absorb food odours make light work of cleaning. Other features include simple to use controls and handles that can also be used as tie down points.
With a range spanning 40L to 150L capacities, if you can’t find a model to suit your needs, you’re not looking hard enough. Five-year warranty and nationwide support provide further piece of mind.

RF040 EvaKool
40L Fridge Freezer
With a small cabinet size and decent capacity, the 40L is a good entry-level option. The 40L retails for $1199.

RF047 EvaKool
47L Fridge Freezer
The 47L is perfect for those moments when you need a little extra capacity but don’t have the room to commit to a larger size. $1249 RRP.

RF060 EvaKool
60L Fridge Freezer
Weighing 21 kilograms when empty, the EvaKool model is one of the lightest 60L versions on the market and retails for $1399.

RF085 EvaKool
85L Fridge Freezer
The large capacity makes this model suitable for large families and longer trips. The 85L EvaKool Fridge Freezer is $1599.

RF110 EvaKool
110L Fridge Freezer
At one metre long, the 110L also makes a handy seat for up to two of your (smaller) mates. $1699 RRP.

RF150 EvaKool
150L Fridge Freezer
You’ll truly appreciate the efficiency of design at this size. The cooling and heat reflecting elements allow you to keep everything cool without using a huge amount of power. $1899 RRP.


Engel fridges have a reputation for great reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity 50 years in the making, it’s not hard to see why Engel is still going strong after all these years.
Engel units have a rugged steel casing, steel lid and handles which double as tie down points, and fixed lid hinges. They come with a 12V cord that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and a 240 volt lead with three pin plug, plus a standard auto switching feature that removes the need for users to switch power sources manually. But the Sawafuji Swing Motor, the heart of operations, is what makes Engel fridge freezers unique. This motor has the only compressor of its type in the world and is only found inside an Engel. The Sawafuji Swing motor doesn’t have a high start current because, unlike rotary type compressors, it doesn’t need to perform a full stroke on start. The Sawafuji Swing motor also has a low current draw once it is running.
All Engel products come with a three-year warranty and perform well in all conditions. Engel have a large range of fridge freezer options and these are just some of what is available.

32L Chest
Fridge/Freezer Platinum
The 32L is small enough to slide into the family sedan. New features include fixed lid hinges and a longer life battery digital read out. $1249 RRP.

40L Chest
Fridge/Freezer Platinum
A good sized option in an elegant platinum finish for the aesthetically conscious 4WDer, the 40L retails for $1349.

57L Combi Fridge/Freezer Platinum
Separate fridge and freezer compartments use a thermostatically controlled fan that blows cool air from the freezer section to maintain the refrigerator temperature. The fridge has a 32L capacity, while the freezer holds 25L. $1849 RRP.

60L Chest
Fridge/Freezer Platinum
The 60L comes with twin storage baskets and retails for $1799

75L Combi
Fridge /Freezer Platinum
This model is the largest compartmentalised fridge and freezer option from Engel. The fridge has a 42L capacity and the freezer has a 33L capacity. RRP $1999.

80L Chest
Fridge/Freezer Platinum
The 80L chest runs well on a battery and is a solid choice for serious camping, provided space and weight aren’t an issue. $1949 RRP