Ultimate Matting from Clark Rubber protects your vehicle and gear.

Allowing your camping gear or tools to rattle around in the back of the ute or wagon is a surefire way to wrack up some expensive damages, particularly when bumping down uneven offroad tracks or long corrugated roads. Your vehicle is also bound to eventually suffer some scrapes and damage too, which is unnecessary and can be costly.

Clark Rubber’s Ultimate Matting is a handy solution to this problem. It’s a versatile rubber matting product that’s unbelievably durable and damage resistant and can be cut to size to fit the back of your ute, wagon or trailer. Ultimate Matting is around 20% thicker than standard ute matting, so it can really stand up to some heavy use offroad. It’s also UV stabilised, so perfect for lining the tub or tray of your ute where it will be exposed to the elements.

 It’s specifically designed to resist abrasion, so you can throw your camping gear, fishing rods and other delicate equipment down in back of the 4WD without constantly worrying about damage every time you go over a bump. The Ultimate Matting has great drainage properties, so won’t pool up water in the tray after a downpour and it it’s surprisingly easy to cut in order to fit any space.

We recently put together a false floor in the back of a Prado, in order to be able to throw a mattress down in the back of the vehicle for overnight stops, with storage under the false floor. Unfortunately the plywood false floor wasn’t kind on delicate gear. The Ultimate Matting turned out to be the perfect solution. We had a length cut to fit the back of the Prado, and as well as providing valuable cushioning, it also provides grip to stop gear from sliding around.

While ducking down to Clark Rubber to have the matting fitted up, we checked out out a few of the other products they have geared towards the 4WD market. We picked up a set of deep dish rubber floor mats that fit up the front of the Prado and help keep things tidy. They’re anti-slip and incredibly easy to clean. Another solid product that we fitted up to our vehicle was a set of rubber wheel arch flares. They’re built from sturdy but flexible rubber and are cut to size in order to exactly fit your vehicle’s wheel arches. They help keep your vehicle clean and protect against mud splatter and stone chips when driving through rough terrain.

A trip down to Clark Rubber in order to find a liner for the back of the vehicle ended up providing a whole lot of quality gear that’s definitely going to help keep the Prado clean and tidy and minimise damage over time. Head over to to check out the Ultimate Matting, wheel arch flares and their full range of gear.