4WD Touring’s advertising manager Matthew Marsh installed a Fourby Fitouts Touring Unit into the back of his 150 Series Prado prior to a three-month trip sampling all of the Top End’s best bits. We dropped him a line a month into his offroad sabbatical to check in on how life on the road was treating him and see how the Touring Unit was holding up.

One of the best things about fitting up a Fourby Fitouts storage system is they’ll deliver to your door, anywhere in the country. Matthew mentioned that when the shipping provider waylaid one of the four boxes that comprised his delivery, he simply got on the phone with Fourby Fitouts HQ and they had the missing components boxed up, air freighted and on his doorstep in less than 24 hours. Can’t complain about that service.

The Touring Unit is the most popular model in the Fourby Fitouts range, and once you have a close look it’s easy to see why. It’s available to suit most popular 4WD models, plus it multi layers and divides the rear storage area of the vehicle to allow gear to be stowed and conveniently accessed without unpacking or double handling.

Matthew mentioned that the soft luggage rack up top was particularly handy for storing the family’s pillows and sleeping gear and allowed easy access for quick camp setups.

When you’re on the go for months at a time, convenience and accessibility become key. The ability to pullover for a quick trackside lunch or cuppa without unloading and re-packing half your gear quickly becomes a fairly high priority.

Matthew explained that the pull out cutting board on top of the main storage drawer had become a favourite feature when pulling over for a bite to eat out in the bush, and that the pressurised water tank was a godsend when travelling all day between remote campsites. Plus it’s dead simple to refill when you’re topping up provisions.

A good storage setup should just work. Matthew said that since installing the Touring Unit at home (which takes around four hours), he’s hardly had to give it another thought. It just works.

It’s worth noting that the Touring Unit secures to the Prado via its original bolting points, and the fit is so clean that there are no audible rattles or squeaks even while traversing rough terrain.

It maximises the Prado’s storage capability, allows quick access to gear and the big Engel he’s got mounted on a slide to the left of the storage drawer, and it doesn’t require any maintenance.

One of the best features of the Touring Unit is that it’s fully modular and removable. While on the road it converts the Prado’s rear end to a mobile storeroom and galley. But once Matthew’s back home and running between advertising meetings, he’ll be able to quickly disassemble the Touring Unit to return the rear of his rig to its original state.