Are you a fan of ultra tough, modified super-sized 4WDs? Thinking of paying a visit to the National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend?

Get ready to have your mind blown. Team Isuzu D-MAX, Australia’s leading precision driving troupe, has debuted the Concept X duo, a gob smacking pair of oversized offroad behemoths, today at the Melbourne showgrounds.

The pair of tricked-out offroaders dwarf most modified 4WDs. Both rigs feature aggressive, muscular styling, massive pumped out bodies and huge suspension lifts to accommodate giant sets of 38” Toyo mud terrain tyres.

According to Team D-MAX Lead Driver Jack Monkhouse, “It was the tyres that got the project started.”

“We saw a set of gigantic tyres on the Toyo stand, and our boss, Wayne [Boatright] joked about putting them on his company car.”

That was the lightbulb moment that kicked the Concept X project into gear.

According to Wayne Boatright, Director of Team D-MAX and EMG Pty Ltd (the company behind the famous driving troupe), “the project got a bit out of control, but once we’d started, we were determined to make them unique.”

The team avoided the slew of typical mods; they weren’t looking to build racers, rock crawlers or tourers. The committed to their vision and went down the route of custom in-house work.

According to Wayne, “The result is two vehicles of epic proportions, which could look at home in the next ‘Transformer’ movie… The kind of car that every child dreams about.”

While the beefed up duo aren’t destined for showrooms, the Concept X D-MAX and MU-X pair are on show until Sunday at the Melbourne Showgrounds. If you’re in cooee of Melbourne over the weekend, get on down and check them out!

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