If you like to drive hard, yet still take pride in keeping your rig in tiptop condition, you need a serious set of side steps.

Bushranger 4X4 recently launched their ROGUE range of steel steps as an alternative to traditional alloy sideboards. The ROGUE steps are over-engineered in order to protect your panels from the gnarliest of terrain or the dodgiest of driving. They’re hewn from heavy-duty steel and bolted down with steel brackets to ensure your rig never comes off second best.

The ROGUE steps are finished with a matte black powdercoat that looks schmick and won’t show up dirt. The step pad incorporates a textured traction design for your boots to grip to in rain, mud and snow.

The steel steps are bolted on, so can be removed easily if required for detailed cleaning. Backed by Bushranger 4X4’s three-year warranty. The good news is that this rock-solid set of side steps will set you back less than a grand. Now that’s some good value protection of your investment.

RRP $899 + fitment