Brisbane engineer solves the awning conundrum...

Ever wondered if it’s really necessary to expose one of your most essential pieces of camping equipment – your roofrack mounted awning – to the elements 24/7, 365 days per year?

The Brisbane-based engineer behind one of the more ingenious innovations we’ve come across recently was pondering the very same thing. After expending more time and effort than seemed warranted to maintain his fixed awning due to rain and UV exposure, he figured there had to be a better way.

The solution was so straightforward it seems a wonder nobody thought of it earlier: a quick release hitch that allows the awning to be removed when not in use and fitted up in seconds.

The minimalist, sleek, rattle free, roof rack hitch has a built-in lock that’s been designed to fit almost all existing roof rack mounted pull-out awnings.

The nifty device will also be of interest to tradies with roof mounted conduit tubes that can now be removed quickly and easily when off the job.

A major benefit of fitting your rig up with a RacksBrax hitch is a significant improvement in overall fuel consumption.

With a big surge of interest following the initial launch, the RacksBrax team got together and designed a model purpose built for wing style awnings to go on sale by early 2020.

These things are a fantastic example of Aussie ingenuity and as well as being locally owned and designed, they’re built right here in Australia. It’s no wonder they are already being spotted out on the tracks and in campsites around the country!

The product is available from a number of aftermarket gear resellers and is being featured at 4WD and camping tradeshows around the country. 

Head to the RacksBrax site to locate your nearest retailer and for full product details, spare parts, accessories and service.

RRP $135 HD Hitch Standard Pack