The popularity of the new look D-MAX utes and MU-X wagons amongst the Aussie touring sector has been confirmed.
The sales figures are in, with over 3,500 new Isuzu vehicle registrations were delivered through June, smashing the previous sales record out of the park.
Isuzu have chalked up a great deal of the success to the new 3L turbo diesel drive train that was developed specifically for the Australian market, and its ability to produce a gutsy 430Nm of torque.
The end of financial year provided Isuzu with its strongest six months on record, with sales already topping 12,000 for the year so far.
June’s VFACTS reporting has offered further promising data for the Japanese automaker, with the D-MAX placing fifth in the LCV segment (4x2 and 4x4 combined), with a second place only behind the Toyota HiLux in the 4x2 segment.
You can also expect to see Carlisle and the team up in the deep north in a fully worked D-MAX touring beast for the next couple of months, as they embark on Series 6.