Keen offroaders have been anticipating the launch of Cooper’s all-new dedicated all terrain tyres, the Discoverer AT3 range, for a while now. Well, the wait is over. The new range is available in three profiles to suit just about all 4WDers.

The AT3 4S is aimed to appeal to users doing more onroad driving, while the AT3 LT and larger AT3 XLT profiles are squarely aimed at the those doing a lot of offroad work in all conditions.

The new Discoverer AT3 range has had a complete design overhaul in the three areas that truly matter – tread design, carcass construction and compound.

The AT3 range’s tread incorporates stone ledges to eject trapped rocks and dirt, scalloped shoulders for improved traction in the soft stuff, Aqua Vac channels to boost drainage plus Whisper Groove Shields to deaden driving noise.

Carcass construction has had a full rethink. Super tensile steel belts underpin the full tread area in the LT and XLT profiles, while advanced nylon overlays are employed in the 4S profile tyres to provide a smoothly balanced uniformity.

The 4S profile tyres are hewn from a specially designed compound that reduces wear when driven on bitumen, they’re guaranteed to last at least 70,000km.

The LT and XLT profiles are built from a high content coupled silica compound designed to maximise their lifespan when driven in rough and varied terrain. They’re guaranteed to last 80,000km.

What really matters are the cold, hard facts. Cooper’s crack team of engineers put the new AT3 Discoverer range through a grueling schedule of tests in the lab and out in the field and are satisfied that the new 4S profile tyres enjoy an improved tread life of at least 10%, improved wet braking performance of at least 5% and improved wet handling performance of at least 5%.

The LT and XLT profiles have worn tyre noise reduced by at least 20%, plus a tread life improvement of 10% and cut and chip improvement of at least 10% over their predecessors.

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