We’re a fortunate bunch. Our taxes pay for the upkeep of national park camping zones.

Yep, we live in a country still egalitarian enough to allow us to doss in some of our most spectacular backdrops.

Note in the above paragraph that we said some.

Most of the best locations happen to be on other people’s property, and sometimes the door to their land is pushed open to touring campers for a small fee – whether they be remote stations or caravan parks that focus on families and amenities.

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While the specs for this latest addition to Australian Direct’s range of KickAss Outback Proof Gear most certainly had us intrigued, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a physical unit to see how it stacked up in the real world.

The first thing that strikes you after taking delivery of a Handy Power Pack and stripping its packaging is just how compact and lightweight these things are.

The whole unit weighs less than 5kg, which is kind of surreal when you’re more accustomed to lugging about old school deep cycles that are four times heavier!

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Ever wondered if it’s really necessary to expose one of your most essential pieces of camping equipment – your roofrack mounted awning – to the elements 24/7, 365 days per year?

The Brisbane-based engineer behind one of the more ingenious innovations we’ve come across recently was pondering the very same thing. After expending more time and effort than seemed warranted to maintain his fixed awning due to rain and UV exposure, he figured there had to be a better way.

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The outback gathering and all-ages event is officially the most remote music festival in the world. Set in front of the iconic 'Big Red' 40m sand dune, a sight familiar to 4WDers around the country, the event will run from July 7-9 in 2020.

With 10,000 tickets selling out in record time - a larger allocation up from 9,000 in previous years - it's fair to say that the outback celebration of Aussie culture is going from strength to strength.

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We’ve all got our little tricks and secrets that ensure that our fourbies are set up to perform optimally, just like the well oiled touring machines that they are.

It’s the thoughtfully appointed fittings and fixtures that trim the fat from the camping experience. Allowing you to pull into camp, spread an awning, roll out a swag and crack an ice cold tinny in record time.

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Feeling like your old set of spotties could do with an update? Don’t blame you. It seems of late that the output, throw and quality of the top driving lights on the market just about doubles annually.

If you’re still running old school lights and cross paths with a rig blasting a full rack of the latest LEDs it feels a little like holding a candle up to a floodlight. Somewhat emasculating.

Take a look at a dozen of the best lighting options available now from the best manufacturers in the country.

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Kimberley Photography Tagalong 2019

Kimberley Tagalong ToursFor the very first time, 4WD Touring Australia proudly presents the Kimberley Photography Tagalong 2019 - 11 Day Gibb River Road tour Lake Argyle to Broome, WA.

Led by Carlisle Rogers, the self-drive Tagalong will take lovers of 4WDing, offroad adventures, stunning landscapes and photography on an amazing journey through the Kimberley. If you've ever wanted to hit the tracks and see places you've only ever dreamed of, now is your chance!

Learn the basics of 4WDing along with daily photography lessons from a professional with over 20 years experience touring and photographing outback Australia.

This is our only Kimberley tour for 2019 - Don't miss out! 
Click here for more information or to book your spot today!

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Subscriber Andrew Paas came up trumps in our November giveaway and goes home with a Nikon Coolpix W300 camera valued at $599!

The Coolpix W300 is a slick little unit that takes a beautiful shot and shoots stunning 4K video, plus it's built ultra tough for life offroad.

Featuring 5X wide optical zoom and a crisp 4.3-21.5mm inbuilt lens, the W300 is shockproof and waterproof up to 30m. It's impervious to dust ingress and designed to operate seamlessly in hot and cold conditions.

Big congratulations to Andrew, we're looking forward to seeing some shots from your travels!

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4WD Touring’s advertising manager Matthew Marsh installed a Fourby Fitouts Touring Unit into the back of his 150 Series Prado prior to a three-month trip sampling all of the Top End’s best bits.

We dropped him a line a month into his offroad sabbatical to check in on how life on the road was treating him and see how the Touring Unit was holding up.

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Big Lap Pack Winner announced!

The prize winner of The Big Lap Pack has been announced! Wolf Glaessner from NSW takes home over $6,000 worth of 4WD gear and adventure experiences. Building up his own rig to tour the Kimberley next year, he couldn't be happier!

Thanks to our partners, Wolf takes home a REDARC SSF150 Solar Blanket plus Solar regulator & cables, HEMA road & 4WD Atlas plus a wall map of Australia, a set of LIGHTFORCE Striker LED driving lights plus a fieldmaster pro torch, one AMK Barebones Living lantern, a HELI SPIRIT Trip for two, a premium package 1 night stay at DUBBO ZOO's Billabong Camp, an ARB Premium Recovery Kit, MAXTRAX, a BUSHRANGER portable gas hot water shower, a GME XRS 330C head unit, plus a 4WD Touring Australia Pack including 5 x DVDs, 1 x Philosophy of Travel and 1 x 6 month gift subscription!

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