Time to Tango

In a coup for dual cab ute owners around the country, national aftermarket outfitter ARB has unveiled their brand new Tango storage system.
The all-new security and storage system offers ute drivers a more streamlined
alternative to a traditional style canopy, while still maximising tub storage capacity.
The system is comprised of three compartments – the Tango Sport Lid, Tango mount system and Tango Loadmaster cargo organiser.
The Sport Lid offers protection from the elements and incorporates a cleverly
designed hinge system which allows for quick attachment and removal of the lid when transporting varying loads
The mounting system involves bolting a set of aluminium mounting rails to the top inside edge of the tub to provide protection to an area that can easily be damaged during loading and unloading, while the Loadmaster cargo organiser separates contents in the tub and helps to protect cargo.
Head online to ARB’s website to check out the detailed specs for the Tango
storage system.