the tonka truck

Toyota Building HiLux Prototype

For anyone who ever dreamed of driving a Tonka truck as a kid while playing with their toy cars in the dirt – now’s your chance to see dreams come to life!
Toyota is set to build a full-size Tonka truck prototype based on their best-selling HiLux ute.
The Tonka-inspired ‘Lux is being built up as a one-off monster truck and will be fully drivable.
The adult toy is set to be built around a 4x4 SR5 dual cab HiLux with the top spec 2.8L turbo diesel engine, although it will be pretty much unrecognizable!
Custom suspension will have the prototype sitting on massive wheels and tyres and towering above stock models.
The one-off concept vehicle will be fitted up with aggressive bumpers, grille, tailgate, wheel arches, door mouldings and other components and will be decorated with the bright yellow and black Tonka truck trimmings.
Toyota design chief Nicolas Hogios said, “We expect the extreme style and capability of our re-imagined HiLux will capture the imagination of kids and adults.”