the swing case has arrived

With the rise in 4WDers choosing the ute option and converting dead space into useful space, there is one perennial problem that still plagues us with its awkward shape – the dreaded wheel well.
Whether it’s for sleeping arrangements or storage, for years we have tried to make sense of storing around the wheel protrusions in the tray.
Enter The Swing Case, a mighty clever solution for such a waste of space. It will slot into the back of your 4WD tub and hold 35L of usable storage and up to 40kgs of weight.
Just pull the latch and the swing box truck toolboxes pivot nearly 180º over your lowered tailgate, giving you instant access. Then, the case swings back and locks securely in place.
They are fully lockable from the top and also lockable with a padlock on the hinges so that no light fingered ‘tea leaves’ can remove them from your tub.
Should you need to remove them, they simply just slide off the hinges and can be stored at home until the next time you need them back in your rig.
These lifesavers come with a rugged design and a full DIY fitment and they can be purchased, with all the advice you need from