The Science of Puncture Resistance

The importance of a quality set of rubber boots for your rig simply cannot be overstated.
Whether you’re into hardcore rock crawling, beach driving or highway cruising, a proper set of all terrain tyres are the single connection between your vehicle and the ground, and the one part of your rig in which you must have ultimate faith.
I know for a fact that I just can’t enjoy myself offroad unless I’ve got 100% faith in the set of rubber I’m rocking. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails quicker than the bullet-to-the-heart of a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere.
So, it really does make a lot of sense to do your research before shelling out the coin for a new set of tyres, which don’t come cheap if you’re looking for quality.
Enter Bridgestone’s all terrain Dueler, they’re a household name for the simple reason that they’ve been technically designed to be as puncture proof as possible.
Punctures are the bane of any 4WDer’s existence. Not only are they a huge hassle, they can be costly and downright dangerous.
The Duelers are built with heavy steel belts at their core that give obvious strength and a surprising degree of elasticity.
They’re designed with a more uniform tread pattern in constant contact with the terrain, which significantly reduces the risk of penetration by sharp objects.
Duelers are also characterised by ultra strong reinforced sidewalls that efficiently distribute stress and resist abrasion and puncture.
The wider tread blocks on the all terrains are built for superior cut and chip resistance, and all round wear life.
And the entire light truck construction of the tyre, with thicker sidewall and casing components and full width nylon ply, means  you’re in the safest hands whenever the going gets tough out on the tracks.