A decent podcast is like manna from heaven when you’re trying to painlessly kill those dull hours driving on the highway.
There are some cracking podcast series doing the rounds out there right now on topics as diverse as comedy, music, art, history, true crime and travel.
Got an interest and no doubt there’s a podcast on it. One of our favourites at the moment is a series know as the The Overlanding Podcast, produced and presented by creators Andy Smith and Emma Smart.
This series is focused on travel and the spirit of adventure, and features interviews with intrepid trailblazers who’ve chosen to travel the world by 4WD, camper, car or bicycle.
Hosts Andy and Emma have together clocked over 130,000km in their old Toyota Hilux Surf and have taken her on a world tour of 51 countries. (No, that’s not a misprint.)
When it comes to inspirational inflight entertainment, this podcast fits the bill.