the culinary campsite

Just add water

There’s something about camping that adds an element of magic to simple tasks like building a fire or cooking a meal.
The most basic meals just taste better when prepared on a camp stove out in the bush with your mates and kinfolk.
While the best camp recipes are the simplest ones, you do need to make sure you’re using quality ingredients.
You might be able to keep supermarket veggies fresh for a couple of days in your 12V fridge, but a great way to stock up on supplies when travelling in remote areas or for a long time is to look at freeze-dried meals and ingredients like the Campers Pantry range.
Freeze dried food is lightweight, super convenient and can be stored without refrigeration. The fresh ingredients are simply snap frozen. Add the freeze-dried ingredients to water and heat, then watch them
re-hydrate before your eyes – complete with all their original flavour and nutrients.
Campers Pantry offers a huge range of quality vegetable side-dishes as well as pre-prepared meals that just need water added.