Few things can ruin a camping trip faster than an overabundance of bugs.
Flies, I can deal with. Mozzies, ticks and leeches, not so much.
There’s a whole arsenal of products out there to help deal with bugs at home and when camping, but it really can’t hurt to have every base covered if you happen to be visiting the tropics and you happen to get paranoid about contracting some weird, previously undocumented mosquito-borne virus.
The BugsAway line of pest resistant clothing was launched by ExOfficio as an attempt to offer an environmentally friendly and non-toxic way to reduce the risk of insects and other pests when camping and travelling outdoors.
The range includes different styles of lightweight pants and shirts that are built to deter mozzies, ticks, ants, flies, midges and more. Worth a look if you’re heading up north this summer.