Sean Scott – he might make you quit your job

You wouldn’t know it if you met him, but despite his humble and affable persona, 4WD Touring Australia correspondent Sean Scott happens to be a bona fide world famous photographer.
For decades, he’s set a high watermark for landscape adventure photography and his Gold Coast-based gallery sees demand from all over the world for the simple reason that few  can capture the light of the Australian outback in the same way as he does.
It’s an organic process, he lives to shoot, to travel, and to unravel the beauty of the land, and his gallery becomes more and more successful, allowing more and more time on the road shooting.
His subjects in the magazine of late have included Denmark, and Lucky Bay in WA, and this issue’s Territory roadtrip, each of them displaying an artist’s mastery of terrestrial and marine landscapes, wildlife and family escape.
Sean was the logical inclusion to join our photographic stable here at the magazine as well, joining the likes of Carlisle Rogers, James Carey and Dan Proud in giving our readers the sort of inspirational imagery to drop everything and hit the road immediately.
However, this magazine takes no responsibility if (after viewing Sean’s photos) you quit your job and chase the outback sun, consequences be damned, becoming a stockman or a roustabout, maybe a shearer or a pearl diver or something.
Head online to Sean’s website to check out his full gallery and do what people from Germany to Gambia are doing, order a print for your wall and stare at it longingly.
Be warned though, it’s like looking into Medusa’s eyes, if you look too long you’ll be hypnotised and turned into stone, never being able to live a mundane existence ever again. Good one, Sean.