Review: Shimano stradic C14+

We recently had the chance to have a play with the revamped Shimano Stradic and geez fishing tackle technology has improved out of sight in recent times.
It doesn’t seem that long ago we were fumbling with clunky centrepin reels and floppy fiberglass rods. The new and improved Stradic is one of Shimano’s mid-range threadline reel offerings, but it certainly performs like a top shelf unit.
The test reel we had a play with was the 4000XG model which weighs in at just 230g and is lightweight and smooth enough to be cast all day.
The 4000 size fits over 200m of 20lb braid comfortably on its spool and features a 6.2:1 gear ratio, which spools in an impressive 99cm of line per crank of the handle. This fast paced retrieve is perfect for retrieving small metal slices at high speed for a range of mid-sized pelagic species like bonito, Australian salmon, tailor, frigate and spotty mackerel.
This little ripper would marry perfectly to a crisp casting rod for use twitching soft plastics for jewfish in the estuaries and snapper out on the reefs.
It’s a cracking all rounder that would serve the casual to keen fisherman well in a variety of angling scenarios and no doubt offer many years of service. It’s amazing how much reel you can get for a couple of hundred bucks these days.