REDARC have been the heaviest hitter in the Aussie outdoor tech market for a long time now, so it was no surprise when their
recent announcement of a new range of pure sine wave
inverters generated immediate industry excitement.
Sophisticated appliances will only run at their best when
operated on a pure sine wave input. When run on REDARC’s new range of inverters, all your sensitive electronics will runsmoother and longer, while producing less heat and noise.
The new range of inverters are available in 350W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W ratings in both 12V and 24V models.
All inverters in the range feature multiple levels of protection, including overload, short circuit and over-temperature and a load controlled cooling fan, which is engaged when power consumption reaches a certain level.
REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverters come with a two-year warranty and prices start at $425. For information on the full range visit