Isuzu cement their place

After decades of innovation on an international scale, it seems fitting that Isuzu will next year celebrate the ten-year milestone since their entry to the Australian 4WD scene.
Since the D-MAX ute was first offered for sale on Australian shores in 2008, the sturdy offroad pickup has amassed a discerning following, leading to an onslaught of new variants offered for sale and ultimately the introduction of the equally successful SUV model M-UX wagon.
While some people might have thought the Aussie 4WD market too hard to penetrate after decades of domination by the big three manufacturers, Isuzu have proven that a quality product marketed well and introduced at a competitive price point trumps outdated notions of brand loyalty every time.
As sales continue to climb year-on-year for both the D-MAX and M-UX, Isuzu will be celebrating by offering three years of scheduled servicing for free on all 4WD models. For more info check out -