We’ve been working closely with GME since the magazine started five years ago, and in our personal and professional lives long before that. All of us on staff here have been using their gear simply because we reckon it’s the toughest and most reliable comms gear available.
That said, we’re entering a whole new era now, and while philistines bag anything to do with technology, they’re missing out on some serious innovations. Case in point being when the advancements are as groundbreaking as GME’s XRSTM.
The unveiling of the XRSTM Connect was under wraps for a while, like Ben Lexcen’s keel, and for good reason, this is an item that will revolutionise day-to-day life for the intrepid outback navigator.
Essentially, it’s an evolution in UHF CB communications and is the first connected radio of its kind.
Each radio incorporates Bluetooth Smart® low energy technology to enable connectivity to most iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, opening up all sorts of new  features and functionality.
When we spoke to an excited Warwick Clancy at Standard Communications, he explained the nuts and bolts: “XRSTM Connect is a quantum leap in CB Radio communications, a platform developed by GME’s in-house engineering team. Its arrival heralds a new era in CB radio and smart device interconnectivity, and as a leading Australian technology company, we are proud to bring this innovation to market.”
One of the many unique aspects to the development of these radios is the introduction of the new XRSTM Connect App, downloadable for free via the App Store, Google Play or direct from the GME website for Windows PC in January 2017.
The intuitive user-interface of the XRSTM Connect App combines easy to navigate menus and icons using the familiar technology of a smart device to control all of the features and settings of the radio.
This app also enables you to create and share personalised scan lists from a library of over 20,000 pre-loaded Australian frequencies, categorised into groups such as ‘Fire’, ‘Volunteer Rescue’ and ‘Police’.
This allows you to monitor any registered frequency within range of your UHF radio. The GPS location service in your phone can also be used to help identify local frequencies; this is particularly useful when you’re on the go or in an unfamiliar region.
This new generation of radios also sees the introduction of the unique XRSTM high speed scanning software algorithm, that delivers a scan speed over twice as fast as any other CB radio.

Available Models (Pricing TBC)
XRS-330C - 80 Channel Super Compact Hideaway
UHF CB Radio XRS-370C - 80 Channel Compact Hideaway UHF CB Radio
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