The Air-Volution is Darche’s revolutionary air-pillar-supported touring tent. Although it’s been on the market for a while now, Darche recently released an online video of a wind test of the Air-Volution, conducted in collaboration with Monash University.
The testing was conducted in the university’s 1.4MW closed circuit wind tunnel, driven by a pile of DC motors that power two industrial fans that are each five metres wide.
The Air-Volution AT-6 was subjected to 3.5 minutes of sustained wind pressure, with pressure peaking at 69km per hour. Tellingly, at the conclusion of the test the tent had sustained no structural damage whatsoever.
This fully monitored test applied tremendous force to all integral structural components and seams and proved that the Air-Volution has got what it takes to stand up to the toughest typhoon you’re likely to find yourself camping in.