It’s not rocket surgery when it comes to improving the humble swag but few have done it as well as Blackwolf and their Roebuck Lite.
This is a serious swag designed to drastically cut back on size and weight.
Not only does this come in handy when throwing it in the back of the fourby, it’s also a godsend because it doesn’t take up half the available storage space in your garage.
The Roebuck Lite weighs in at under 5kg, and it’s already a pretty popular unit with hikers and motorcycle campers.
It’s designed like a normal swag, with folding poles to keep the canvas up and away from your body, but the removal of the standard foam mattress allows the overall size of the packed swag to be reduced by an astonishing 70%.
This clears the way for you to use whatever sort of lightweight air mattress or sleeping pad you fancy, and it significantly cuts back on the clutter in your rig while making way for more important cargo (like extra beer).
The Roebuck Lite might not fit the traditionalist’s idea of exactly what a swag should be, but in our minds it’s a pretty innovative alternative and a great way to save valuable cargo space.