In the offroad suspension game, Old Man Emu are kind of a big deal, so when they drop a new product range, it’s no wonder people sit up and listen.
The new BP-51 high performance range of bypass shocks are the result of an exhaustive research and development process by ARB’s in-house team of Old Man Emu ride engineers – they’re a slick product and they’re designed to ensure your rig handles like a dream. The range is vehicle-specific and uses existing mounting points to allow for simple installation.
Stuart Fooks, Old Man Emu’s lead engineer, told us it was a ‘no-brainer’ that the GU & GQ Patrols were next on the list and explains why BP-51s are a perfect fit for the popular Nissan offroaders. 

“GU and GQ vehicles are just as at home on a long distance touring trip as they are as a weekend warrior. The adjustable nature of the BP-51s allows for fine tuning for a specific vehicle set-up, when more load is added or removed, or as terrain changes.”
Head online to the ARB website to check their full range of epic offroad aftermarket gear.