The Philosophy of Travel – out now

Carlisle Rogers has spent decades crisscrossing the world’s oldest landmass.
Across every desert, every rainforest and every island, he has sifted through the secrets that lie hidden in plain sight, documenting his journeys in a fistful of groundbreaking television series’ and in hundreds of magazines.
You could say he’s driven, not just with a passion to document the country with fresh eyes, but also with an overarching thirst to explain why we forgo everything to find ourselves lost in the outback in the first place.
The Philosophy of Travel is a chance to look a little deeper at what keeps us on the road, not just for a weekend, not just for an annual holiday, but for life.
Travel is not a metaphor for life, it is life, and the pages herein are testament to the revelations that unfold when it is truly embraced – when the horizon is chased with forensic curiosity, with one finger on the keyboard and another finger on the shutter.
At a time when people seek meaning in the sparkly, dislocated disposability of modern society, this is a stunning reminder that true authenticity can be found at ground level, in the life of the hunter, in the life of the nomad, in following our most fundamental human instincts.  
As Carlisle explains in his visual and cerebral ode to Australia, these instincts must be celebrated, they must be immersed in, their dots must be connected if we’re to follow our true calling as travellers, as humans.
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