LongRanger are a brand with a reputation for doing things right – for not just building and selling the biggest fuel tanks possible, but for finding the best fuel storage solution for each vehicle.
When we caught up for a chat with LongRanger’s Ric Black, he said, “I could never bring myself to make a replacement tank that would affect the Amarok’s ground clearance, which is somewhat limited to start with. That’s why we haven’t sold one until now.”
“The idea of making a slightly longer tank, or one that would hang a little lower, didn’t sit quite right with me, as the ramp over angle was always the main factor with this design. I knew that if I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the design, our customers wouldn’t be either.”
After plenty of deliberation, LongRanger has gone ahead and developed an aftermarket fuel tank for the Volkswagon Amarok that fits around the vehicle’s spare tyre. Unlike all other replacement tanks for the Amarok currently on the market, this innovative new tank will not affect the vehicle’s ramp over angle whatsoever.
According to Ric, the new 61L tank will take around 3.5 hours to fit in a professional workshop and it works via gravity feed to the main tank, so there are no pumps to worry about. For those interested, the part number is TA77S.
Head on over to the LongRanger website for further details and for information on the full range of LongRanger fuel tanks.