Pioneer CAmpers
When a brand as well respected as Pioneer drop a new camper trailer model, pretty much everyone in the industry, as well as prospective buyers, sit up and pay attention.
The Mitchell was designed in-house by Pioneer’s team of engineers, working in consultation with industry leaders in composite technologies.
The Mitchell is an inspired vehicle, taking its name from the Kimberley’s famous falls and plateau, it is a triumph of form and function, exuding both style and function, along with unmatched storage and impeccable attention to detail, it’s certain to become an instant classic.
The Mitchell is designed for serious campers who hate limitations, and want to travel in style. This camper features a hard floor and hard roof and is designed to provide comfort and reliability in equal measure. The Mitchell is fitted with a fridge box as standard and is designed to offer
greater head room. It is fitted with an 80 Watt fixed solar panel, 120L water tank, and hot shower as standard!  
Pioneer offers a generous five-year warranty on the Mitchell’s tried and tested hot galvanised heavy-duty chassis, as well as offering two tonne-rated independent trailing arm suspension. The camper’s insulated fibreglass composite cabin is built fully in-house and it’s fitted with massive marine grade side-opening windows.
The Mitchell’s unique design ensures that no folding or packing of canvas is required to pack the camper down, while the floor space provided is generous enough for a table and chairs or for additional sleeping arrangements. The tent is sealed to both the hard roof and floor, and requires just one bow to be extended – resulting in a mind-blowing one-minute setup time, while offering maximum internal space.
The Mitchell is one of the most stylish and functional campers ever unleashed on the Aussie market and it’s already giving the upper segment of the market a good shake up.