The Ultimate Escape prize is the biggest competition that we, or any other 4WD mag has ever run.
At the heart of the fantastic prize is ‘Westy’ the famous 100 Series LandCruiser that Carlisle drove through the first three seasons of the 4WD Touring Australia TV series and which has appeared in almost every single issue of the magazine we’ve published so far.
Sure, Westy is a seriously well-maintained and well fitted-out vehicle, but we’re taking it up a notch and turning her into the benchmark of a super tourer. For the last couple of months, behind closed doors, she has been in the process of a rebuild on par with the Six-Million-Dollar-Man.
The mastermind behind Westy’s mechanical makeover is our resident mechanic Adam Adler, from ADM Motors in Caulfield South, Melbourne.
Adam previously fitted up a new turbo and alternator to the 100 Series and over the last month he’s been busy in the workshop replacing four differential bushes with a brand new set supplied courtesy of our mates at Brighton Toyota.
Adam’s also been working with Valvoline to replace the fluids in the front and rear diffs, the transfer case and transmission, as well as engine oil, brake fluid and coolant.
Stay tuned for more updates, and If you haven’t got your entries in yet, head here to maximise your chances of winning.