It’s set to be a helluva month for GME, with new products and updates rolling in across the board. On top of introducing the new range of Soundpath enabled units, GME have taken the time to update one of their most popular radios ever, the TX4500S, with the toughest microphone they’ve ever developed.
Designed from the ground up, the new mic is made to match the requirements of this radio’s demanding applications. A firm favourite amongst heavy vehicle owners and regular UHF users across the nation, the TX4500S is now even better equipped to keep on handling the abuse.
As a full DIN-sized radio, it’s ideal for use in vehicles that require this size as standard. The combination of the front facing speaker, large LCD screen and user controls make this one of the most intuitive and user-friendly UHFs ever developed – the sales figures don’t lie.
This unit is also equipped with GMEs most popular features including Turboscan, which scans 80 channels in two seconds flat, and ScanSuiteTM, which, through some sort of scientific voodoo, enables users uninterrupted conversations even on congested channels.
Keep an eye out at your local retailer or head online and check out the full range at