This month, Australian communications powerhouse GME have released a groundbreaking range of vehicle-mounted UHF radios on an unsuspecting public.  
 The new range comes with a bunch of features that have got those in the know pretty excited. Radio tech is at a standard where most of the big players are creating high performance units, so the sort of innovations that tend to raise eyebrows these days are focused around improving usability.
  And this is where GME’s introduction of Soundpath technology comes in. The Soundpath speaker/microphone is a full function LCD microphone housed in a handheld unit which features a built-in speaker.
So what’s the big deal with SoundPath™? Well, it diverts the audio through a unique convex path around the microphone bollard, whilst maintaining the compact size.
This new tech, at this point, is featured in the new TX3550S and TX3350S radios, and time will tell if GME will roll out the feature across their entire range.
 It’s all about creating the most user-friendly product on the market, one that’s simple to use, fits in the palm of your hand and, most importantly, has clear audio. Users have been blown away by the size of the new units and the fact they can be installed almost anywhere within their vehicles without the need for extension speakers.
 The TX3350 is a powerful five-watt radio that has an additional inbuilt speaker as well as a suite of bonus features common across the rest of GME’s range. This unit comes with GME’s five-year warranty and a suggested retail price of $449.
 The TX3550S is the flagship model of GME’s S series and also features a five-watt output for optimal range. This unit allows users a choice of 95 programmable channels and is protected by a die-cast chassis and GME’s unbeatable five-year warranty. The recommended retail price for this badboy is $489.