We reckon a quality cast iron camp oven is absolutely essential for every camper. The list of hearty, satiating meals you can whip up in one of these babies is just about endless.
Our model from Lodge Cast Iron Cookware came pre-seasoned so we could get straight into our favourite part, cooking and eating!
On a recent trip to the Bunya Mountains it was perfect for baking, frying, slow cooking and grilling, there wasn’t really much this thing couldn’t do. Apparently it can also do traditional damper; while roast meat and veggies, soups, curries and even cakes can be thrown together in no time with this single piece of unbreakable cookware.
The Lodge Cookware range includes grill pans and plates, skillets, pizza pans, bakeware and an outdoor hot coal barbeque. Check the full range at
RRP $62.90