Getting stranded with a flat battery can turn a great trip into a nightmare.
We’ve all been there – leaving the headlights on after a daytime storm or finding out that the kids have been playing the radio for hours around camp, only to hear an empty clicking when you go to turn the key. Getting stranded in a remote spot is not only inconvenient, it’s downright dangerous.
The Uniden Portable Jump Starter Kit can recharge a flat battery, as well as adjust tyre pressure, without the need for third party assistance.
This handy, self-sufficient kit can also be used to power mobile devices, as well as to pump up the kids’ soccer and footy balls. The kit comes with an inbuilt LED torch, which makes nighttime operation simple and straightforward.
It’s a compact kit that easily fits beneath your passenger seat or in the boot and it provides an extra level of peace of mind when travelling to remote areas. For more information on the kit or on Uniden’s solid range of radio, auto and camping gear, head online and take a look at their website.