Alvey is one of the most trusted names is Australian fishing tackle manufacturing, and they’re one tackle company that certainly caters to the offroad-minded fishing enthusiast.
Apart from designing and constructing the toughest, most bulletproof reels anywhere in the world, they also manufacture a range of rods, and other fishing accessories such as their innovative roof rack rod holders.
The Alvey Rod Carriers allow you to carry multiple fully-rigged outfits on the side of your vehicle, thus allowing for clear vision when underway and no increase to your vehicle’s height.
These rod holders are built for those times you want to cruise up and down a beach in search of the right gutter, or you’re chasing a moving school of fish and want to keep a couple of surf rods rigged and ready, but still need to stay mobile.
The rod carriers can be mounted on straight-ended cross-bar style roof racks and come in two styles. The racks are easily installed with the fittings supplied, and can hold up to 25kg. Mount the large rack to the rear of your vehicle and the smaller rack at the front to hold the tip section of your rods.
Rods can be secured with the use of an occy strap or an Alvey Velcro rod wrap.