Take one look at the new ARB alloy bar and it’s clear it’s an ARB product. The strong, confident lines that we’ve all come to associate with the company that practically invented the bullbar are as aesthetically pleasing as ever, and are now available to another group of 4WDers for whom a heavy steel option may be impractical.
Alloy bullbars are a better choice for some drivers who do most of their driving around town and don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy steel bar that reduces fuel efficiency. The all-new alloy bar has been designed to achieve a fully integrated appearance on modern 4WD vehicles through the use of clean design cues and a wide centre grill.
Four-milimetre aluminum alloy is used for maximum strength in the construction of the outer wings and centre pan of the bar, while 60mm alloy tubing is used to create an incredibly strong, yet stylish looking bar.
The bar is mounted to your vehicle with a set of steel mounts and a series of high tensile bolts. Steel mounts ensure that the bar is capable of handling demanding winch loads without affecting airbag deployment.
A winch cover panel is supplied in order to neatly finish the appearance of the bar when a winch is not fitted, while the all-new winch clutch opening is a fantastic development from ARB’s design team which removes the need for clutch cut outs in the top pan.
The all-new alloy bar has been rigorously tested to ARB’s exacting standards, and easily meets the required ADR standards. The bar has also stood up well to winch testing loads of 10,000lbs.