The very real need to monitor and manage your auxiliary power source is the very good reason why Redarc have released an epic range of dual battery chargers and 52mm dual voltage gauge value packs.  
The value packs allow you to monitor the charging performance of a dual battery setup and also offer peace of mind when using electrical appliances and when camping off the grid.
They’re also available in several variants, with either a Redarc dual voltage gauge, or a Smart Start Battery Isolator or a BCDC In-vehicle Battery Charger.
Redarc is a heavy hitter in the Australian 12V scene, and has long been known for its Smart Start Battery Isolator and award winning BCDC In-vehicle Battery Charger product range.
The value pack range includes an SBI12 with Dual Voltage gauge, SBI12 wiring kit with Dual Voltage gauge, BCDC1220 with Dual Voltage gauge, BCDC1225 with Dual Voltage gauge and BCDC1240 with Dual Voltage gauge.
These hot new value packs represent a 10% saving when compared to the purchase prices of the individual components.
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