4WD Touring Australia Digital Editions

As much as we appreciate the tangible weight of a printed book and the way great photographs come up on high quality glossy paper, we appreciate that for some people, some of the time, it’s more convenient to consume reading material online.
That’s why we took the leap into the digital arena back in January and have been publishing the mag in digital format since the beginning of the year. Both Apple and Android users are catered for, with digital versions available from the iTunes store and Google Play, respectively.
So, even if you’re out in the back of beyond, and not within coo-ee of a newsagent, let alone your mailbox, you can still enjoy the world’s greatest touring magazine with only the aid of an internet connection.
Never fear though, we love producing the physical mag as much as you enjoy reading it, so will continue to produce both versions of the magazine in perpetuity.